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Taisuo Technology Attending 2014 China Nuclear Energy Association Annual Meeting in Beijing


On 14th, May 2014, 2014 ChinaNuclear Energy Association Annual Meeting was held by China Nuclear Energy Association in Xinjiang Building in Beijing.President of Zhejiang Taisuo Technology Co., Ltd Mr. Jiong Lu and generalmanager Mr. Jianhua Shi were invited to attend this meeting. Taisuo Technology is a member of the first council of China Nuclear Energy Association, as well as a membership of China Nuclear Energy Association.Subject under discussion during this meeting is reviewing main work of the Association in the past year, formulating rules and regulation of China nuclear industry, and publishing documents on second expert committee members of China Nuclear Energy Association. Meanwhile 61 achievements of 2013 annual science andtechnology award were released and relevant experts were given awards and recognition. This meeting achieved full success and also set up a platform of communicating and sharing for research and development of vast enterprises innuclear related fields.

    Photo 1,  President Mr. Jiong Lu in the annual meeting


Photo 2,  Nuclear Energy Association Annual Meeting Scene

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